Never Trust the Living

by Death is Like Candy

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released June 10, 2011



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Death is Like Candy Lindenhurst, New York

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Track Name: Fuck Up
You're really just a fuck up
Are you done?
Shut the fuck up
My turn to let the bodies burn

I'm really just a waste of space
Don't be scared to say it to my face

I've died once before
I regret that I got up off the floor
Waiting for the pains to fall from the sky
Aim to hit me
You will die

Is there a population control?
Flushing kids down the toilet bowl

Just shut the fuck up

I thought I was smart
Until I burned the pop tart
Ready to finish the race
But did I even start?

Stop to start my live all over again
I told you I've been dying
Since I was ten
Track Name: Loose Noose
I proved myself
I passed the test
Don't bother with a bullet proof vest
It's no match for my shotty in your chest

A noose, keepin it loose around your fucking head
Don't ever call deuce
It wasn't even your pack
You sat like merch on a rack
In your drink I put a tac
Ha ha ha ha ha

When I look I know you're lying in your eyes

Spilled blood in a cup
That's what's up
The last seconds of your life are a big deal
Track Name: The Blunt of Life
The definition of P.O.T.
Look it up in the dictionary

There's a picture of me
Playing this song
Lighting a bong

Green to grey

If only I could leave this awful place
I'd be gone and you wouldn't see my face

No chance that I'm ever coming back
I regret that we ever fucking met

Wake up-contact my contacts
Without them I can't see the facts
Wouldn't know if I was gonna step on a tac
or if there was a train on the train tracks

After all you should be ready to fall down
Predict the future and you walk away
The mindless victim
Insanity you will pay

Just a thought
The idea you bought
As I feed my hunger
You're caught

Let me hear the noise
Let me hear the noise!
As you slowly die the back of your mind
had another choice

Will I survive?
or will I die trying?
or not try at all?
Just hide and start crying?

Waiting for my death since I was seven
C'mon, send me to hell, not heaven
Track Name: Death Death
Try to run away
The disease is spreading
You're dreading everything that is gonna be heading
your way
And now your body falls from the sky

Blast you in the face
Split you open like a suit case
I set the pace
I don't want no trace so I get rid of the waste
Failure to live in succession just to die

You're gonna die
Death Death

Plus things I didn't even mention
It's adding up to my exploding tension

Ripped apart
Down on the knee
Without a heart
Setting things the way they're meant to be
You bleed and I live for free
Track Name: How Can the Goons Be Sleeping?
Woo woo woo
You know it
Woo woo woo
You know it, bro

How can the goons be sleeping?
Smell the pot, they'll soon be creeping

What the hell is going on?
The goon is sleeping and there's a full bong
That's highly unlikely
No goons around, plenty of pot and vikies
Sounds too good to be true
Got a bag of weed bigger than my doo doo
The electricity of this song has got my brain fried

Midnight sessions like working in the graveyard

It's the 3rd time around
Just kidding it's about the 30th time around
It's in the air
The boule as I'm lighting
I'm inhaling it
I'm not trying to fight

Sleeping there
You little Mogu Bogu
You piece of shit piece of shit bitch
You piece of shit you fibbed like a kid
Don't go
Time to go

Hey you
Who's you?

How are you going to explain it to them?
Track Name: Antiques
I would kill my best friend
for a pound of weed
Stand above his corpse and smoke his pipe
Show no remorse to the bloody sight

Don't talk shit when you see me
or I'm gonna terrorize everyone in your family
I'll stash them like antiques in my attic
The dying corpses
I'm feeling like an addict

Running out of weed soon
I start to panic
Bloody intestines stick to my teeth like mesh
What the fuck is this bloody mess?
Feed my addiction
That will teach you to stay out of my kitchen

O.J. Simpson never knew what was right
Explain the glove and the knife

Some of you think he didn't even do it
Millions of dollars, man
That'll get you through it
Run up, stab, slice twice for the thrill

Pour your blood into pitchers
Solicit them back and then take pictures

Why did he die so sadly?
He was beaten so badly